Parastatals under Ministry of Information & Strategy

Parastatals under Ministry of Information & Strategy

As the fulcrum on which the Information machinery of government revolves, the Ministry oversees the administration and operation of all government-owned Information and Communications’ organizations and institutions as well as supervises the Ethical and Re-Orientation service outfit of government.

The State-owned organizations and outfits include:

1. Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) which is made up of the Radio and Television services.

2. Akwa Ibom Newspapers Corporation (AKNC), which publishes the Pioneer Group of Newspapers, including: The Pioneer, Midweek Pioneer, Sunday Pioneer, Pioneer Extra (Magazine), Echoes (Magazine).

3. Ethical and Attitudinal Re-Orientation Commission (EARCOM)

Zonal Offices of the Ministry of Information & Strategy 

The effectiveness and success of the Ministry anchors on the efficient harmonization of the day-to-day activities of its Seven Departments and three Zonal Offices:

Department of Administration & Supplies

Department of Information Services

Department of Technical Services

Department of Planning Research and Statistics (PRS)

Department of Public Relations (PR)

Department of Finance and Accounts

Printing Directorate (Government Press)



Uyo Zonal Office
Ikot Ekpene Zonal Office
Eket Zonal Office

The Zonal Offices coordinate and supervise the activities of government Information Officers posted to serve in the Local government areas within each of the zones.

Partnership With Donor Agencies

The Ministry of Information and Communications partners Donor Agencies on the development of child and mother through campaigns against societal ills and diseases as well as alleviate the living conditions of the people, particularly the vulnerable groups such as the women, children, orphans and youths.

The Ministry has partnerships with agencies like:

UNICEF – (For Child and Mother Survival, Protection and Development)

World Bank – Enlightenment on and combat of Avian Influenza (AI) Enlightenment on and combat of HIV/AIDS